Rider Biomechanics

Your Position effects your horse's position. Find your core. Stabilize your body. Mobilize your hips. Feel more confident.  This course shows you how.

Here is what we will cover in
this course:

Human Anatomy on a Horse...

Learn what makes a "great seat" regardless of discipline, and understand why and how your body works against you, and how to overcome it. 

Stabilize Spine, Mobilize hips...

What is really means to engage your core and how to (and how NOT to!) move with the horse. Develop healthy strong biomechanics.

Fix Your One-sidedness...

We ALL are crooked and have one-sidedness.  Learn how to diagnose and fix it.  While we are at it, fix your horse's crookedness too.

Learn Amazing Transitions...

Develop a solid seat that can set a tempo, move a lazy horse, and stop any horse without reins.

Bending & Laterals 

Learn the weight aids to get your horse to bend through the ribcage, and do all the fancy lateral work. Spoiler- the weight aids change as you improve!

Exercises and Self Assessment

Over 40 exercises on and off the horse to develop your seat.  Questionnaires throughout the program track your progress objectively.  

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Danee Rudy

Danee runs Rudy Horsemanship with her husband in Jonestown PA. She has helped countless riders become more confident and effective in the saddle, reduce pain, and achieve their equestrian goals.  Danee sees the big picture and often is able to jump straight to the cause of an issue, where others keep fixing the effects. Danee has competed through PSG/ FEI level dressage, was a top ten Mustang Makeover Finalist, and had a successful show jumping career as a junior, along with extensive bridleless riding and dabbling in many other equestrian disciplines. She starts young horses, teaches lessons, teaches clinics, and writes and creates equestrian courses.

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